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Looking for roofing contractors in Vancouver BC, Canada? Get a free estimate from GVRD Roofing inc for commercial and residential roofing services. Our company has been providing professional roofing services for almost 20 years. We install asphalt shingle replacements, flat roofing, and full emergency repairs. We are a trusted roofing contractor that hires one;y the best roof installers. Quality roofers are hard to find, and this has been our commitment for many years to hire the best, and pay the most. With low overhead we can provide the best and still be one of the most affordable.

Roofing contractors

Roofers in Vancouver BC, Canada


Our roofers are the most skilled and committed crews out there. As the owner of the company I take great pride in knowing my guys are highly skilled and fully committed to the work they do. We have 3 full time crews. Marcus has 7 or 8 guys on his team. Abid has 8 or 9 guys in his crew. Danny has 3 or 4 guys and sometimes more working with him. All our teams have worked with us for a decade or more. The relationship we have built over the years is papped down to our customers. They respect me as the owner. They also know I expect every one of our jobs to be completed without cutting corners.

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We stand behind our work, providing labor and materials
warranty protection, licensed, insured and bonded.


We provide the most reliable and high-quality commercial roofing service. With a skilled, experienced team like ours, we can offer a broad range of services. You can count on us to finish the job in a timely manner and remain on-budget as well. We do: Inspections, Replacement, Reroofing, Repair, Maintenance, Flashing Repair & Replacement, Flat, Low-Slope & Sloped Roof Expertise.

As a company that specializes in commercial buildings, we have worked on various types of structures. No matter how big your building is or how original the architecture, we are ready to take on the job. Call us today to find out more about the materials and services we offer our customers.


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