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Shingle installation

Multi Family

Working with strata companies to achieve quality and a good reputation.

Multi Family

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Installing high quality flat roofs for all types of buildings.

Multi Family

Working with Strata's on Multi Family projects

Multi Family Roofing Services Vancouver

We have a team of Multi Family experts in Vancouver ready to go through every detail of your project. Allowing our roofing customers full transparency builds trust and long relationships. Give GVRD Roofing a call for a professional approach to installing a high quality roof that will last a lifetime. 


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Multi family roofing

Multi Family roofing done right



GVRD Roofing only installs the very best roofing products out there for Multi family projects. Vancouver is wet and your roof is what protects your biggest investment. And that is your home or your building. Using cheap roofing products or letting a roofing company sell you on a cheap roof can cost you thousands.

That is to say as the owner of GVRD Roofing inc and someone that has been in the industry for almost 30 years I have seen my share of disasters. Every year we are called to fix roofs that failed in the first few years. Vancouver roofing companies will claim many things, but our roofing service is based on transparency and trust.

With over 80 Google reviews and hundreds and hundreds of happy customers you be assured you pick one of the top roofing companies in Vancouver.