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GVRD Roofing Inc. is proud of our customer service in the Vancouver area, with competitive pricing and attention to detail you will not find an other roofing company that will work harder for you in Vancouver or anywhere else in the Lower Mainland. GVRD Roofing has a real goal and that is making sure every roof we install meets RCABC standards for every roofing customer. We have families too and know that the roof over your head is the most important thing in the world. You may not think about your roof everyday but we do and if you are our customer be assured we will for the life of your roof. Knowing your roof is installed professionally and will stand up to high wind rain and snow is paramount. When we roof be assured it will be installed properly and professionally this is important to us and we care about your piece of mind. GVRD Roofing has been rated Vancouver's most knowledgeable roofers because we take the time to hire the very best roofers we can find to represent us, do our homework and keep us to the latest standards put in place by the districts and manufacturers... Is it time to do things right???

Hire a roofer that is expert and a Vancouver roofing company stands by every roof they install. Our roofers have a minimum 15 years of experience in roofing and are only hired when we confirm that they meet our high standards in roofing, waterproofing, gutters or metal flashing installation. We don't just say we hire the best we do and believe me I don't like problems and I need everything done right by inspecting everything we do.  The old saying goes do it right the first time and don't hire a monkey to paint a masterpiece. Its a standard everyone should live by. We strive to be a leader in the roofing industry and you can be assured of the highest quality of workmanship, that is why we back all our roofing services in Vancouver and surrounding areas with iron clad roof installation warranties and make sure every roof meets manufacturer standards. Contact us now for more information and to book an appointment today...