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Flat Roofing

Soprema Roofing Systems

SOPREMA Flat Roofing Products offer a comprehensive wide range of roofing, waterproofing, with decades of proven performance. GVRD Flat Roofing has solutions including industry leading SBS-modified bitumen membranes, polymeric PMMA/PMA liquid applied membranes and synthetic single ply PVC membranes. For applications as diverse as roofing, below grade waterproofing, plaza deck and balcony waterproofing, air and vapour barriers and bridge and parking structures, GVRD Roofing and SOPREMA has the solution. SOPREMA’s and GVRD Roofing has a relentless pursuit of technological advancement, sustainability and product quality has been known and respected around the world for over 100 years.

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Options for Your Commercial flat Roofing Project

Although simple and utilitarian, the main goal of a flat roof system is to maintain the watertight integrity of a building and keep its contents dry. Today’s variety of flat or low slope commercial roofing options (roof pitches ranging from ¼:12 to 3:12) is no longer simple and has grown considerably in the last 50 years.



flat roofing
Flat Roofing


From here, we’ll examine these low slope roofing system choices in the chart, from those with the smallest market share to the greatest.

The Less-Than-10-Percent Group

Liquid Applied and Spray Foam Roofing Systems
As outlined in the Manual, liquid applied membrane roofing includes hot and cold polymer-modified asphalt, single-component asphalt or coal tar-extended urethane and two-component urethane elastomer. Liquid applied membrane systems require rigorous preparation of the substrate, which must be dry and dust-free with patched cracks.

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While liquid applied coatings are highly elastic, self-flashing and easily applied to contoured surfaces, they have low permeability and require uniform thickness. The NRCA offers an online course Design Essentials for Roof Performance: Liquid-applied Roof Membranes for an in-depth look at liquid-applied roof membrane options.

Metal Roofing Systems 
As one of the world’s oldest roofing systems, metal roofing began with materials like the bronze tiles on Rome’s ancient Pantheon. Lead roofing later joined bronze as a popular choice for cathedrals and castles throughout Europe during medieval times. Many of today’s low slope metal roofs are made from corrugated galvanized steel – a steel sheet coated with zinc. Copper, aluminum, stainless steel and tin also are used in commercial metal roofing applications. Benefits to metal roofing including longevity, durability and heat resistance. Additionally, metal roofs can withstand high winds and are largely impact resistant. However, the investment for a metal roofing solution likely will be much higher upfront than other flat roofing solutions.

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The Meal Construction Association (MCA) offers resources for those interested in learning more about the use of metal as a low slope roofing solution. The MCA touts metal as a preferred low slope roof covering for commercial, institutional and industrial buildings because of its ability to protect against the elements, to allow water to drain away from the roof surface and to keep building contents and occupants dry. To assist building professionals, the MCA conducts numerous technical studies and research projects in partnership with member and industry partners designed. These free resources include bulletins, white papers, manuals and reports.

New Metal Roof System Applications:
IKO Commercial Roofing Low slope structural metal roofing is commonly known as standing seam roofing and consists of interlocking panels that run vertically along the roof surface. These panels generally come with a painted mill finish or a clear acrylic finish. Some metal roofing used on low slope applications requires machine seaming during installation to ensure a watertight seal. A seaming apparatus is simply rolled along the panels to crimp the panel seams together.
A standing seam design assures adequate draining from rain and snow, effectively eliminating ponding, leaks and related problems. Finally, low slope metal roofs aren’t prone to the degradation experienced by some organic materials, enabling these roofs to better resist the elements. This may result in a longer life span and low annual operating costs.

Metal Roof Restoration Applications:
In retrofit projects, a sub-framing system is attached to the existing flat roof surface to provide a minimum ¼:12 roof pitch. Options for the restoration of a metal roof surface include acrylic coatings made of polymers that cure to form a durable, continuous elastomeric membrane over the surface of the metal roof and can be added to metal roofing systems to address your building’s specific needs around waterproofing, rust and UV protection. These acrylic coatings are designed to adhere to almost any metal surface to form a seamless, watertight seal over the entire roof. Acrylic coatings are water-based, non-flammable and emit no toxic fumes. These systems can withstand the most common types of roof hazards, including ultraviolet light, temperature extremes, mildew, normal foot traffic and building movement.

Vegetative Roof Systems
While not on the list in terms of market share, another roofing system should be mentioned – the vegetative or “green” roof. These roofs have living plants that are typically installed in tray systems on the top of the flat roof surface. Vegetative roofs can effectively provide an advantageous means for storm water control. Keep in mind, a roofing membrane as a base to the system is vitally important to maintaining the roof’s integrity and water tightness. For more information on vegetative roofing systems, be sure to visit Green Roofs for Healthy Cities.

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The Basics on Asphalt Roofing Systems

Along with a select number of other well-known manufacturers, IKO Industries offers a full line of asphalt based commercial flat roofing systems. A long-dependable choice for low slope roofing, asphalt falls into three basic categories: Built Up Roofing, Modified Bitumen and Hybrid Systems (a combination of Mod Bit and BUR). From SBS to APP and BUR, IKO’s asphalt applied membrane systems include base sheets, cap sheets and self-adhered membranes.

Built Up Roofing (BUR) Systems
Popular in North America for more than 100 years, Built Up Roofing (BUR) Systems are composed of alternating layers of bitumen (asphalt) and fabrics called roofing felts. The felts are reinforced with either glass-fiber mats or organic mats (ply sheets) and when joined with the bitumen form a durable roofing membrane.  The number of “plies” on a roof implies the number of layers, i.e. “four plies” denotes a four-layer flat roof membrane system.

Flat Roofing

BUR systems are redundant, meaning if one layer breaks down, multiple remaining layers provide immediate protection. These systems also offer great tolerance for building stress and resistance to thermal shock, high puncture resistance and outstanding membrane strength and toughness for proven long-term durability.

Flat Roofing

BUR systems can include SBS, fiberglass or organic felts and offer many options to suit a variety of building needs. The key to this system is the repetitive layers. BUR also is known for superior fire resistance from external flames. Reflective surfacing options also are available to offer maximum membrane protection, superior puncture resistance and high resistance to foot traffic and mechanical maintenance.

With standard application procedures, IKO BUR Systems offer robust protection for today’s buildings and are available in traditional four-ply. Product options include the following:

Base Sheets – Saturated or coated felts placed as the first ply in some low-slope roof systems.

Felts – Reinforcing fabrics also are called roofing felts or ply sheets. Roofing felts are reinforced with either glass-fiber mats or organic mats.

Bulk Asphalt – A proven waterproofing material and is suitable for use in selected damp proofing and waterproofing applications.

Modified Bitumen (Mod Bit) Systems
Mod Bit systems include factory-fabricated layers of asphalt that are “modified,” using a rubber or plastic ingredient for increased flexibility and combined with a reinforcement for added strength and stability. Bitumen (or asphalt) is a sticky, black, and viscous liquid or semi-solid form of petroleum. It’s found in natural deposits or may be a refined product and is used for both road surfacing and roofing. Bitumen displays a thermoplastic quality when softened by heat.

In modified bitumen, there are two primary modifiers used today: APP (atactic polypropylene) and SBS (styrene butadiene styrene). APP and SBS refer to the type of polymers that are added to the asphalt. A variety of reinforcements are used with the asphalt, including fiber glass and polyester mats and scrims. Scrim is a reinforcing fabric made from continuous filament yarn in an open mesh construction.

Mod Bit membranes are typically installed as a two- or three-ply (multiply) system. The type of modifier used may determine the method of sheet installation: mopped down using hot asphalt or heat welded to melt the asphalt so that it flows onto the substrate. Seams are sealed by the same technique. The membrane system may be held in place on the roof by fully adhering the base sheet, mechanically attaching the base sheet or using ballast.

High performance modified bitumen roofing and waterproofing systems are quickly installed, easy to maintain and cost efficient. Mod Bit membranes are normally hot mopped like traditional BUR but also may be applied as a torch down product. The Manual outlines some important points to consider with each installation method, including:

  • Hot mopping is generally safer and faster than torching.
  • If hot asphalt is required for other roofing operations to adhere insulation or a base sheet, it’s likely more economical to hot mop the cap sheet as well.
  • Heat welding (also referred to as “torch down”) can evaporate surface moisture from the bonding area.
  • Heat welding preheats and softens material, offering advantages in cold weather.

Mod Bit Systems Options:

Heat Welded Roofing Systems

IKO Heat Welded Roofing Systems include both base sheets and cap sheets in either a granule or smooth surface. A variety of specially designed heat welded systems are offered, including Armourplast™ APP Heat Welded Cap Sheets, the PrevENt™ line of fire rated cap sheets and Torchflex™ SBS Membranes in both base and cap sheets. Designed to reduce labor and installation time, the IKO Torchflex Roofing System can provide large office buildings and commercial warehouses with many years of protection.

Flat Roofing



Flat Roofing


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