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Metal Roof installation services

GVRD Roofing is a metal roof installation company. We provide very high level custom metal work on all our projects. Our services include full calculations for your roof, free estimates and a full lifetime warranty on all our work. Metal roof systems include full peel and stick underlayment. Heavy gauge galvanized metal, factory bends and fully custom sheet metal work. Our metal roofing crew has been working with us for 8 years and are some of the most qualified sheet metal craftsmen in the business.

Standing seam metal roof systems

There are 2 types of standing seam roofs we install. The first is called pro-lock, pro-lock standing seam roofs snap together and are a great option for most residential metal roof systems. The are a little easier and the cost is about half what a true standing seam roof would cost. All panels are custom bent and are 100% secured from top to bottom. All fasteners are hidden so the roof is only dependent on the panel it self.

True Standing seam panels are mechanically fastened on every overlap and are typically designed for commercial applications.

Providing exceptional commercial roofing services for all our customers across Metro Vancouver BC.


All our commercial roofing services come with years of knowledge and and some of the best commercial roof installers in the business.


GVRD Roofing Vancouver is a locally owed roofing company. We have been providing quality roofing installation services and repair work since 2012. 2021 is going to be a good year we hope for everyone. GVRD Roofing wants to help with providing free roof estimates to all its roof customers.

When thinking about installing a roof we want everyone to ask the question who is best equipped to install our roof, what is there background, and do they carry a warranty and for how many years is it valid?
Our team strives to answer those important questions for you.

Professional Roofers

GVRD Roofing is equipped with seasoned professional roofers, Professionals that have been working with us for over a decade, and know that our name is there job. We care as much as we do about your roof, as we do our name. This is why GVRD Roofing provides a minimum 15 year warranty on all the roofing installations.

We provide high quality roofing services for commercial roofing, residential roof installations, including repair and maintenance.

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