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Looking for asphalt shingle installers Vancouver BC, Canada ? GVRD Roofing is a asphalt shingle roofing company that goes above and beyond on every project. Be assured that we will look after every detail of your roof. From giving you the right information providing a detailed quote to putting the best products on your roof, Our goal is to make sure you are informed and will have a roof that will never have to be replaced again, Over almost 30 years Chris McEachnie the owner of GVRD Roofing Inc has dedicated his life to keeping a good reputation. And for over a decade Chris has owner GVRD Roofing

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Once they get there are team will load the materials onto your roof and may have already started removing the shingles. This is key so when the materials land on the roof the section of roof they are going to land on is already prepared and watertight. Typically a re-roofing Vancouver BC project depending on size will take 2 to 3 days to fully remove, add plywood if needed,. We install ice and watershed, then underlayment, flashings, and then the best shingle brands on the market to cover the roof. Valleys are filled in with ice and water than W valley flashings, ands ridges are installed with high profile ridge caps.

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GVRD Roofing prides it’s services on trust and quality. For many years we have been a leader in roofing installations and professional roofing installations. here is some information about roof systems and products