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Roofing Services Vancouver BC

Imagine your home with a new roof on it…

Waterproofing companies in Vancouver you can trust ūüí¶ Imagine you’re home with a new roof on it, well It could be a reality soon. Im guessing your roof is getting old, and you want to be proactive. You could say catch it before it’s too late and starts leaking. At GVRD Roofing we are ready to help. From giving you a free detailed estimate to showing up and actually getting up on the roof to do a full inspection.¬†

The roofing product’s we install can increase your homes value

The added value to your home is dependent on a few things:

  1. How much of your roof is visible from the road?
  2. What type of roofing product is on it now?
  3. What do your neighbours roofs look like?
  4. What type of product are you thinking you want to install?
  5. Are you upgrading the shingle to a composite, metal, or cedar shingle?
  6. Is the warranty transferable?
  7. Will you replace skylights, Point the chimney, install all new flashings?
  8. Will you replace the gutters?

As an owner I understand these are questions you will ask yourself, and may wonder? Our team is lead by myself Chris McEachnie the owner I have over 30 years of experience in the industry. I am very knowledgeable and would love to make sure your homes new roofs add’s safety, durability and value for the rest of your homes life. Up early and working hard for your business and is my¬†dedication to my customers.

Commercial roofing
Roofing companies in Vancouver
Roofing companies in Vancouver
Roofing companies in Vancouver
Shingle and torch on Roof installation services

Shingle and torch on roof installation services open every day. And providing Vancouver roofing services all across Metro Vancouver is what we do. Dedicated to waterproofing services, in Metro Vancouver and Fraser Valley. For over 30 years I have been working In the roofing Industry. In early 2012 I decided to go out on my own and build one of the best roofing companies in Vancouver. Having said that trust and integrity has always been first in life. Trust  a company that prides itself on keeping customers happy. Having said that we are dedicated to what we do and love what we do. 

Roofing contractors that work hard for your business

The goal of GVRD Roofing inc is to go the extra mile for every customer, we are roofing contractors that work hard for your business

Our roofers have all worked with us for many years. Always are goal is keeping relationships we are here for the life of your roof. Working with us you can rest assured we install many types of roofs and never cut corners. This means using only the best products, and always keeping our customers informed. In the same way most avoid issues, our¬†goal is to make sure we don’t have problems. I pay my guys very well and expect only the very best. We always tell my guys if there is an issue make sure we look after it right. Because we provide very solid warranties we have to make sure that the roofs owe install are perfect. Replacing your roof again will only cost us money.¬†

Residential Roofing and taking it to the next level
Taking it to the next level is us making sure every detail is looked after, before, during, and after the work is completed. Imagine sitting at home picking up the phone and calling a roofing company that will actually answer your call? Then image an estimator combo your home measure your roof, and get a free quote on the same day or within 24 hours? Amazing right? Once we give you a price on a replacement of your roof we will simply email it to you. One of us will call you when it’s sent so at that time you can ask us any questions or concerns you may have. If all agree to moving forward with the work we will provide you a chance to pick colours, decide on a start date, and let you know how long it will all take.¬†
Once your roof is completed
So now that all the work is completed you will feel happy that all the nails are picked up. Your gutters and drains are all cleaned out, and all the garbage for the work is picked up and recycled. Once you are happy with the roof we will ask for the last deposit and provide a written warranty on labour and materials. Yes all sloped roofing and flat roofing systems are transferable to a new owner if you decide to sell. Installation warranties start at 15 years and up to 50 years depending on products used.
Commercial Roofers

GVRD Roofing is equipped with seasoned professional commercial roofers, Professionals that have been working with us for over a decade, and know that our name is¬†they’re¬†job. We care as much as we do about your roof, as we do our name. This is why GVRD Roofing provides a minimum 15 year warranty on all the roofing installations.¬†We provide high quality roofing services for commercial roofing, residential roof installations, including repair and maintenance.

Residential Roofing

Residential Roofing services in Vancouver BC is what GVRD Roofing is best know for. For almost 10 years yes it’s been that long, GVRD has done over a thousand roofs across Vancouver BC. Installing 2 ply laminated shingle roofs, 3 ply laminated shingle roofs, composite shingles, cedar shingles, and standing seam and other types of metal roof systems. Residential roofers in Vancouver, and across GVRD or Metro Vancouver is what we love to do. This is what pays our highly skilled tradesmen, and is why GVRD Roofing is one of the most trusted names in Vancouver for re roofing companies in Vancouver BC, Canada.

Roofing companies in Vancouver