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Minimize disruptions to your daily life and business with one of the best roofing Vancouver companies in BC. Imagine great services everyday: including emergency roof repair, commercial roof replacement and highend residential roofing systems to wowe the neighbours. From day one, our priority is to install, repair, or replace your roof systems to the highest industry standards, all while ensuring timeliness and adherence to your budget. GVRD Roofing provides contractors all across Metro Vancouver with affordable new asphalt roofing solutions, to very highend composite shingles, buildup torch on systems to metal standing seem roofs. Check out our reviews

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Residential Roofing

Residential Shingle roofing services

Shingle Roofing

How much does a roof cost to replace? What is the cost in replacing my asphalt shingle roof in 2021? Re-roofing costs

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“I called GVRD Roofing and they had an estimate for us on the same day WOW.”

Licensed and Insured Residential Roofing

GVRD Roofing is a licensed and fully insured commercial and residential roofing contractor in Vancouver. Moreover, the company boasts over twenty-five years of experience in roof installation, maintenance, and inspection. With a skilled and experienced team, they are capable of offering a broad range of services. Furthermore, their team completes continuing education courses to ensure they can provide solutions to the most difficult problems and issues. Additionally, these guys install roofs all across the Lower Mainland of Vancouver to help service their clients better. Notably, they offer a 2-year warranty on repairs and a minimum 10-year warranty on artistry. Working efficiently and effectively, they guarantee 24/7 support for you. GVRD Roofing Services Vancouver BC also focuses on low overhead, allowing them to provide high-quality, affordable roofing services. As an added benefit, they offer a free roofing estimate.


Laminated Shingles

Looking for a residential roofing company in Vancouver? Most homeowners, once or twice in their lives, have to re-roof their homes. When replacing a residential roof, there are some things to think about. Firstly, you need to know if the roof is cedar or if it has fiberglass shingles. Secondly, you need to determine if there is plywood and whether there is more than one layer. However, the cost of replacing a residential roof can vary quite a bit. If plywood is needed, that can add thousands to the overall cost. Additionally, if there are multiple layers, there may be additional costs associated with that. Fortunately, our residential roofing installers will come to your home for free and provide you with all this information.


Cedar Roofing Vancouver

Cedar Roofing

When we get to your home, we already have guys on the roof. Additionally, a dump bin has been ordered, and the materials to do your roof are on route. The team of roofers will cover all flower beds, set top safety lines, and cord off lower areas to keep every project safe. Consequently, in just a few days, we will have your roof removed and replaced. Imagine a high-quality #1 grade cedar shake installed on your new or existing home. Furthermore, we use the best products in our industry, from 30-pound paper to 24g valley metal, to 5/8 taper sawn shingles or shakes.

At GVRD Roofing, quality means taking extra care in everything we do and how we hire. Most importantly, what you can expect from us is first-class communication and the highest level of attention to detail. GVRD Roofing Services Vancouver BC takes pride in excellence in all our installations.


Residential Torch on Roofing

Torch On Roofing

Looking for a torch on Roofing Vancouver installer? Has the roof on your building started to leak? Is it time for a new torch on roofing system to be installed. Living in such a wet climate is tough on everyones roofs. And because many flat roofs are way past they’re life expectancy we spend a lot of time fixing them. The cost of a torch on roof is very minimal compared to the cost of water damage and mold.

GVRD Roofing Services Vancouver BC provides a high level of workmanship and is one of the premier roofing contractors in Vancouver. So if you are looking for great Roofing contractors Vancouver BC give us a call. Subsequently for over a decade our team of torch on roofers have been installing lifetime torch on roofs across Metro Vancouver. GVRD Roofing Inc. is a fully licensed and insured roofing company with minimum 2 million dollar hot application insurance.

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GVRD Roofing only installs the very best roofing products out there. Vancouver is wet and your roof is what protects your biggest investment. And that is your home or your building. Using cheap roofing products or letting a roofing company sell you on a cheap roof can cost you thousands. That is to say as the owner of GVRD Roofing Services Vancouver BC and someone that has been in the industry for almost 30 years I have seen my share of disasters. Every year we are called to fix roofs that failed in the first few years. Vancouver roofing companies will claim many things, but our roofing service is based on transparency and trust. With over 75 Google reviews and hundreds and hundreds of happy customers you be assured you pick one of the top roofing companies in Vancouver.

Residential Roofing and taking it to the next level

We work closely with all our customers, because communication is the key to our success. We are ready to talk to you just give us a call. 24/7 365 days a year.

Rodney Liu
Rodney Liu
the roof start to leak on next raining day 2 days after they came by(December 6), and didn't answer any phone call, text, and email.
Jeff Qu
Jeff Qu
I am a property manager. I worked Chris for a few time. Chris always answer his call or call back promptly unlike some of the other companies. And he was able to set up the first visit and get the quote quickly. I really enjoyed working with them.
Frank Ng
Frank Ng
Amazing services. Got the job finished on time as promised and they did an amazing job. Would definitely continue doing business here! We are all happy Ken from Jewellry store
Thomas Stringham
Thomas Stringham
Thanks Chris for helping me out with my roof… It will get done as soon as I finish the inside work. The Visualizer works amazing… Thanks for spending so much time on it with me…
Jason Wilkinson
Jason Wilkinson
Excellent job on our hard to do roof. They were very professional, and can’t believe how amazing our roof turned out
Bob Burrowes
Bob Burrowes
GVRD Roofing did a great job on our commercial building. Guys were fantastic 7am starts and late days. So professional and very high quality. Not one of our tenants complained about noise or smell. I would highly recommend them.
gurtaj bajwa
gurtaj bajwa
Quick service during an emergency and very solid prices. Chris is just the best. Much thanks from Ricky, Peter, and the rest of the team here.
Froilan Florendo
Froilan Florendo
Job well done!!! Friendly staff, clean the work area, arrange materials, they made sure that customer is happy before they leave.
Roxanne Rivard Theriault
Roxanne Rivard Theriault
I recently had the pleasure of working with an outstanding roofing company for some much-needed repairs on my house. From start to finish, their commitment to excellence was evident, and the final result surpassed all my expectations. I am delighted to share my experience and recommend their services wholeheartedly. First and foremost, the professionalism exhibited by the entire team was exemplary. From the initial consultation to the completion of the project, they maintained open lines of communication, promptly addressed any concerns, and ensured I was informed at every step. Their attention to detail and willingness to explain the process made me feel confident that I had made the right choice. The quality of their workmanship is truly remarkable. The roofing crew arrived on time and showed a genuine dedication to their craft. They meticulously inspected the roof, identifying issues that were previously missed by other contractors. The team efficiently executed the necessary repairs with precision, leaving no stone unturned. It was evident that they took immense pride in their work, striving for perfection in every aspect. Moreover, the materials used for the project were of the highest quality, contributing to the overall durability and longevity of the roof. The roofing company ensured that the products they recommended were suitable for my specific needs, considering factors such as climate and aesthetic preferences. The end result is not only visually appealing but also built to withstand the test of time. What truly sets this roofing company apart is their exceptional customer service. The entire staff, from the office personnel to the on-site workers, treated me with utmost respect and professionalism. They were always courteous, promptly answering my inquiries and providing clear explanations. They went above and beyond to ensure my satisfaction, and it was evident that my happiness was their top priority. I cannot praise this roofing company enough for the outstanding work they did on my house. Their commitment to excellence, exceptional workmanship, and dedication to customer satisfaction are commendable. If you are seeking a reliable and trustworthy roofing company that delivers exceptional results, look no further. I wholeheartedly recommend their services without hesitation.

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Since 2008 I have been at the helm of GVRD Roofing. After Incorporating the company  in 2014 our team of experts have grown. Funny thing is our crews have stay the same, we’ll maybe got a little bigger… With over 35 guys and 5 crew leaders we have become a household name. I tell everyone of our guys do it right take your time and don’t cut corners. In life we only have one name, make it a good one.

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