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GVRD Roofing inc is a professional commercial and residential roofing repair company located in Vancouver BC, Canada. We provide 24 hour emergency roof repairs for flat roofing and sloped roofs. We have many teams on the road always ready to help. Don’t wait until there is damage to your home call us today. Chris McEachnie the owner is 100% committed to providing his customers fast affordable repair solutions.


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Call us at 604-445-4873 and expect one of our professionals to show up at your home the veery same day. Our repair services are an essential part of our company and we do hundreds of repairs every year. You won’t get an answering machine we pick up the phone, as every customer is important to us. We will ask you for a phone number, address, email, and for you to describe the issues and expectations.


What does roof repairs cost?


The cost of roof repairs vary, but typically you can expect to pay no more than $350.00 if the repair and access is easy the cost could be less. Because we warranty most repairs with a 1 year warranty we make sure you have pictures and a price before we start. We will determine if he roof is in dire need of replacement? If in the future we do the re-roofing replacement. Commercial roof repairs are verbally quoted first so you know the price before we start.  A firm price is communicated to you before we start the work. GVRD Roofing inc is committed to providing emergency roofing repairs 365 days a year, rain or shine we will be there for you.

Locally owed private company

We have been providing quality roofing installation services and repair work for almost 20 years. 2021 is going to be a good year for all our friends in Vancouver and GVRD Roofing wants to help with providing free roof estimates to all it’s customers.

When thinking about installing a roof we want everyone to ask the question who is best equipped to install our roof, what is there background, and do they carry a warranty and for how many years is it valid?

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