Tips on Roofing practices Roofing 101

Products that will last a lifetime

When considering a new roofing system always consider what you will get in return for the companies services roofing 101. Many roofs are installed to the lowest standards to improve profitability. The old saying is you get what you pay for can come into effect. If you are informed and spend a little time researching roofing systems you can be assured you will get a roof that will last the duration of the product. Today roofing systems are installed with many different underlayment products. Back 20 years ago we mostly just installed felt paper. Now we install synthetic products and peel and stick products that outlast most shingles.

5 Steps to make sure your roof is installed properly

  1. Hiring the right company
  2. Don’t cut corners
  3. Install a premium roofing product
  4. Make sure the installation comes with a warranty
  5. Install plywood under every shingle re roofing project