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is your roof leaking?, are you in need of roofing repairs? GVRD Roofing Inc. is a 24 hour emergency roofing repair service. We are always here to look after our customers. Our team of experts are not afraid to get on your roof. We specialize in steep slope roof repair, low slope roofing repairs, and flat roofing repairs. Our services include full shingle repair, and patching. Including shingle cap repair, valley repair, and flashing repair. Our steep slope shingle repairs require great effort and skill. To fix very steep slope roofs we need proper ladders to get up to high points on your roof. Once up there our guys need to install proper safety anchors and ropes. Once this is completed we can start the repairs. Typically there types of repairs cost the most. Generally speaking normal roof repairs cost between $250.00 to $650.00. Flat roof repairs including tar and gravel, EPDM, TPO, and torch on repairs require investigation. Once we find where the leak is coming from we can do the work.

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Our Warranty

Not all roof repair companies in Vancouver come with a 1 year warranty. We provide warranties on our repairs because we know what we are doing. These warranties are verbal and are only provided if roof is in good enough condition. Talk to us for more details. We provide a free visit to all our customers.

Roof repair include skylight repairs, chimney repairs, flashing repairs, field repairs, valley repairs and much more.

GVRD Roofing is one of Vancouver busiest roofers because we show up the same day. If you call us now you can expect us by sundown.


GVRD Roofing Vancouver is a locally owed roofing company. We have been providing quality roofing installation services and repair work since 2012. 2021 is going to be a good year for all our friends in Vancouver and GVRD Roofing wants to help with providing free roof estimates to all it’s customers.

When thinking about installing a roof we want everyone to ask the question who is best equipped to install our roof, what is there background, and do they carry a warranty and for how many years is it valid?

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