looking for someone to repair my leaking roof? Roof repairs are important to your home. Today in Vancouver BC we have many aging homes and commercial building in need of repair. When the weather changes and you spring a leak call a professional.

Roofing repair

Roofing repair Vancouver

Most roofing companies do repair work and the average cost of a repair is about $350.00 although i can range from a few hundred to over a thousand. It really depends on what type of roof you have.

Roof repair

Roofing product failure

If you have a flat roof repair it important to remember cost will be based on the size of leak and how old your roof is. If its torch on it is a little easier to find. If its tar and gravel it is inportant to do it when its raining so we can figure out exactly were it is coming from. Sloped roofs will start leaking because of age, condition, or because of animals.