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GVRD Roofing Inc is a professional commercial and residential re roofing company. We are located in Greater Vancouver and are proud to provide the highest level of service and workmanship. Many years ago myself Chris McEachnie  start this company. I wanted to have a roofing company that people could trust. I believe over the past few decades we have achieved that. We continuously year after year get voted top re roofing company by customers like you.

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Are you a homeowner looking for information on how to re-roof a home? Today there are many great roofing products you can use to to re-roof a home. I do believe that understanding what you are about to install is very important, but how to install the roofing products is really the biggest part of re-roofing. As a roofing owner I am asked all the time to come and give an estimate.



Installing laminated roofing shingle:

Always install roofing products that meet all BC Standards and make sure the products have been around at least 20 years. You will find roofing products that are good environmentally friendly and could last for years, but when it comes time to insure your home you may have an issue with renewal.

There are many experts in the industry and sometimes doing a little leg work can save you from major headaches….

If you are looking for information on roofing, need a expert to measure your roof, or are looking for more great information please feel free to call one of our experts at GVRD Roofing Inc.


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Here at GVRD Roofing we provide exceptional roofing services and advise to all our customers. We are proud to install both residential roofs, and commercial roofs all across Metro Vancouver.


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