Best Re roofing practices 

Are you a homeowner looking for information on how to re-roof a home and want to know the best re roofing practices? Today there are many great roofing products you can use to to re-roof a home. I do believe that understanding what you are about to install is very important, but how to install the roofing products is really the biggest part of re-roofing. As a roofing owner I am asked all the time to come and give an estimate.

Installing a new roof

High quality recycled roofing products

When a homeowner is ready to install a roof on their home they look at name branding and reviews from other customers. This is important but installation of the product is the very most important aspect of a roof.

There are many aspect to a roof, ventilation, proper sheathing, nailing, underlayment, and how shingles are installed can be a major factor in the life of a roof, and if it will pass the manufactured specs if something goes wrong.

In Vancouver BC Canada where I live we have a very wet climate and it is important to understand that a roof is like a living organism re roofing practices are very important to a watertight home. If you don’t have enough venting it can cause major condensation issues that can cause mold and damage to your home. If you don’t install proper underlayment you can find your roof leaking with in the first few years of it’s installation. If the contractor installs your roof over existing shingles or onto shiplap you can kiss your warranty goodbye.


It is a scary process when you decide or need to re-roof your home. But with a little knowledge you can make sure your roof is not going to be another statistic.

I am going to break it down in simple terms so that the average person can understand.

1) Call a professional and make 100% sure they have insurance. Court is expensive and even if you win doesn’t mean you will get your money.

2) Check their record online and find out what other customers have said about their services, and the quality of workmanship.

3) Sign a contract before you have them start the work. This is important as if they don’t complete the job you can have in writing a hold back clause.

4) Spend an extra $400.00 or so dollars and make them hire an independent roofing inspector. This will make 100% sure that the roof they install for you is done right.

5) Take time to understand the product they are going to install. There are many products out there that are very cheap. This is to number 1 reason prices for roof installation very so much. There are many products coming from china that are being installed on Vancouver homes. They look the same but don’t have a warranty and can be installed for much less.

These are a few tips when hiring and installing a roof, but if you don’t know what you are getting, or hire company that is not certified to install that product, you can find yourself spending $1000’s of dollars replacing the roof.

Roofing Costs

Roofing costs can very from $1.50 to $9.00 a sq. foot. Most roofing products that are installed are 30 year roofs. GVRD Roofing Inc. can always make sure your roof is installed by qualified roofing professionals, and back all the roofs we install with written installation warranties. These warranties will very but generally most homeowners install 30 year roofs. These roofing products are very good and we use them because they all meet specified requirements.


Enviro Shakes in West Vancouver

Installing laminated roofing shingle:

Always install roofing products that meet all BC Standards and make sure the products have been around at least 20 years. You will find roofing products that are good environmentally friendly and could last for years, but when it comes time to insure your home you may have an issue with renewal.

There are many experts in the industry and sometimes doing a little leg work can save you from major headaches….

If you are looking for information on roofing, need a expert to measure your roof, or are looking for more great information please feel free to call one of our experts at GVRD Roofing Inc.

Please send us a post or give us a call if you need anymore information, we are always happy to assist.

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