Cedar Roofing systems still one of the richest looks for a home

Installing a cedar roof will last a lifetime

Cedar roofing

Ready for a new Roof?


Is your home ready for a new roof and you are in the beginning stage? Considering a roofing system that will last the life of your home can be a great choice. Quality cedar shingles are edge grain old growth cedar.


Cedar roof installations is a fine art so we make sure that who we hire to install your cedar roof has many years experience. We install high quality cedar shingle roofing products 12 months a year right here in Vancouver BC Canada. Talk to a roofing expert today. 

GVRD Roofing Inc is a professional choice when considering hiring a roofing contractor.

GVRD Roofing is proud of our customer service and emergency roof repairs. In the industry for over 30 years. My family that has the oldest log brokerage in BC you can be sure we can get the very best cedar products out there.

If you need a cedar roofing installer in Vancouver BC give us a call for a free cedar roofing estimate. GVRD Roofing is proud to be the best choice when it comes to cedar roofing services in all of Greater Vancouver.


Cedar Roofing Products

The most common question from homeowners is often why choose cedar?

The cedar manufactures in BC have split and resawn as well as tapersawn shakes available in premium, number one, and standard grades. You can order shingle products in 16, 18, and 24 inch lengths with grades one to four. Whether it’s one inch Taper sawn, one and a quarter inch Jumbos, or 100% 2 Pack we can do it. Our specialty is to meet your market needs.

Cedar Shingles

Cedar shingles have a reduced exposure to obtain a 3-ply roof system.

  • These top-grade shingles are 100% heartwood, 100% clear and 100% edge grain.
  • Available in 16, 18 or 24 inch lengths. The exposure to the weather varies with each length.
  • Shingles offer a smooth, tailored look.
  • All butt ends of shingles at Waldun are cut with a circular cut-off saw. Waldun also offers a shingle that is rebutted. This (A-butt) shingle is so smooth you can clearly see every growth ring at the butt end of the piece.
  • All shingles produced by Waldun have an even thickness and we pride ourselves on our clean sawn faces.

    Taper-sawn shakes are sawn on both sides.

    • Just like hand split and resawn shakes they are available in a #1 grade. which allows a
    • Available in 18 or 24 inch lengths and thicknesses from 5/8 inch to 1 1/8 inch.
    • The exposure to the weather varies with each length or desired architectural appearance.
    • Tapersawn shakes can offer a thicker shadow line than a shingle while still enhancing a tailored, smooth style.
    • When producing tapersawn shakes it is easy to hide defects such as knot shadows and flat grain. Unfortunately some manufacturers allow these types of defects.
    Hand split Cedar Shakes

    Hand split shakes have a split face and resawn back.

    Call us for pricing as cedar prices vary and pricing is dependant on size availability and if it is treated or not.

    • Shakes are available in a #1 grade Available in 18 or 24 inch lengths.
    • The exposure to the weather varies with each length or desired architectural appearance.
    • Shakes can offer a natural, rustic charm.
    • Waldun shakes are graded in compliance to UBC 15-3 and CSA 97 standards.
    • All shakes with a #1 label are guaranteed to contain 80% edge grain in every bundle.