Metal Roofing systems that will never have to be replaced

Another year in the history books, and metal roofing remains one of the very best roof materials that a building owner can choose. Since I first began working with metal roof materials back when Reagan was early in his first term, metal roofing has maintained its position at the top rung of roofing options, with its price and performance at the premium end of the spectrum. There have been many, many roofing products that have come and gone in the last few decades, but metal roofing just keeps chugging along at the front of the quality line.

Metal Roofing Systems That Will Never Have To Be ReplacedIncredible metal roofs you can show off to your friends

This year, there was nothing particularly of note that was new in the metal roofing industry. A few more styles, some more colors and print patterns, and the same problems encountered by the entire construction industry – a shortage of competent roof installers. Regardless of the type of roof you’re looking to install, and especially if it’s metal, you’ll find that good roofers are hard to find, and the prices for their services have risen significantly. Still, once the right installer is found, when a home or building owner is shopping for the lightest, more fire and wind-resistant, strongest, most beautiful, and longest-lasting roofing they can find, metal (in all its diverse forms) will be at the top of the list once more. I’m sure I will write another version of this same blog this time next year. 

We are Committed To Providing
Quality metal Roofing systems to last a lifetime

Thinking of installing a metal roof on your home in Metro Vancouver? After all a metal roof will never have to be replaced once installed. The life span of a traditional asphalt roof is between 20 and 30 years. However a metal roof will last upwards of a 100 years. Most importantly it can be washed and look brand new even after decades of weather.

To clarify a myth that metal roofs are loud I can tell you I have never had a client come back to us and complain. Another myth is metal roofs are too expensive? If your homes roof is simple a metal roof can be very affordable.

Metal Roofing Systems That Will Never Have To Be Replaced