Our warranties come with every roof installation free of charge....

One of The Best Warranties in the Business

A roofing system that carries a lifetime warranty is a great investment for any homeowner or property owner. Not only does it provide a dry safe environment for occupants or your family , the roof also protects the entire building from damage caused by changing weather conditions throughout Vancouver.

Lifetime roofing Warranties

To ensure that roofing system meets all your needs our installers are all Red Seal professionals so you can trust your money is being well spent. You can also be assured that we aren’t going to cut corners because we are also on the hook for life of your roofing system.

We are a leader in Roofing repair

When it comes to quality roofing materials that can last a very long time we have many products to choose from in residential and commercial roofing products. With its excellent warranty, GVRD Roofing Inc. has remained true to its commitment to creating outstanding roofing materials all customers deserve.

Warranty against Manufacturer’s Defects

There are two common types of warranty that come with GAF roofing products. The first one is for the manufacturing defects in the roofing materials. The second one provides coverage against errors committed by roofers during the installation process.


How to Get Lifetime Warranty

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To be able to get a lifetime limited warranty from GVRD Roofing or one of our manufactures there are certain criteria the homeowner should meet. One of these criteria is the ownership of the home or building where the repairs took place. In the event the original owner decides to sell or transfer the ownership of the property to another person, he or she must inform the manufacturer and us to ensure that the roof is still covered by it’s lifetime limited warranty.

GVRD Roofing  warranty is also available to customers who will purchase Lifetime Shingle. If you want to benefit from the Platinum Warranty program talk to one of our sales specialists today.

Lifetime Warranty