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Ridge venting and how it works.
Emergency roof repairs

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GVRD Roofing is a local roofing contractor that works very hard at repairing leaking roofs the same day the call comes in. We have a special crew of roofers that specialize in only roof repair. We fix many leaking roofs every year and if you are going to repair your roof be sure to check out there work? Ask if they have references or check out online for reviews.

If your home is leaking and you think it is your roof make sure you call someone right a way. Water damage can be costly and turn into a health issue with mold and mildew. It only takes about a week for mold to start growing so act fast. The average cost of a roof repair is $350.00 this includes us showing up finding were the leak is coming from materials to fix it not tarp taking pictures of your roof and inspecting the entire roof substrate.

Emergency roof repairs

Shingle repair

Roofing damage

Roofing repair

Roof step flashing missing.
roofing materials for repair

Installing step flashing

Make sure your roof is properly vented. Ridge venting and installing soffit bafolds. Keep in mind if you are trying to figure this out go outside and have a look at your roof you should see a razed ridge if it is ridge venting or you wWillard boxes. These boxes allow air to exit the roof if you see these count how many there are. For every 300 sq feet you should see 1 you can also go into the attic space and see light coming threw. Soffit venting is very important it allows air to travel under roof substrate and helps moisture escape in the winter and heat in the summer. Have a look if you see moisture where the eave meets the top of the wall to see if you have insulation blocking the roof truss space. If it is blocked pull back your insulation and install ba-folds.
This is something we do and we can help you understand more about your roof system.

Mountain ridge

Ridge Venting for laminate shingles
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