Installing a roof in the rain can be tricky business. Most companies are prepared for the winter months. GVRD Roofing is always ready for the weather to turn. When we start your roof we are always aware of the weather forecast and take every precaution to ensure your home is safe from wind and rain.  After every day at your home we make sure that the roof is secure and is 100% ready for the night. In the case of major wind or rain our safe is ready to come to your home 24 hours a day.

Installing a roof in the rain
leaking roofs

If you are looking for information on when the best time to install your new roof. Call a professional for expert advise. We can have one of  our specialists at your the next day. Free of  charge.


When your old roof starts to leak and you want  repair the roof and not replace it there are a few things you can do. Every year your roof is aging and there is not much you can do about it. It is typical in|Vancouver BC, Canada. a 30 year roof will only last 20 years. It is typically based on where you live, the trees around your home, if it is more exposed to the sun or wind or what type of roof you have or how it was installed.

installing a roof in the rain
Repair work

When you live in an area that can affect the life of  your roof it is prone to leaking.

Hiring a professional roofing company when your roof starts to leak is important. Making sure they do the repair properly is even more important.

Just slipping a shingle under the area that is leaking typically wont work. It can also cause more damage and you may end up calling more then one company to come fix your roof.

The correct way  to repair a leaking section of roof is starting bellow the leaking area, and adding shingles over top of the old shingles right to the peak of  the roof and under ridge cap. If the leaking section is not visible you should install shingles over the entire area affected.

Installing a roof in the rain