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Do you have a torch on roof or flat roof that needs replacing or needs to be installed?

GVRD Roofing is a leader in residential and commercial torch on roofing Vancouver installations. We have highly qualified flat roofing installers ready for any project. Flat roofing is a lost art and if it is not done right can lead to major damage. 3 million liability insurance for hot application.

A team of experts working together for over 10 years

We hire only the very best flat roof installers in Vancouver and we don't skip any process when installing any roof. GVRD Roofing knows that many companies will install a roof as fast as possible and skip small steps to save money, there is many steps when installing a flat roof properly and there is the reason why we do it right.

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We are on the hook for the work we do for the life of the roof so being someone that doesn't like problems we would rather have a roof cost more to install then make as much as possible and have to come back and fix major problems later. Find out more about what we do to ensure your roof is going to be leak free and stand up to all types of weather.


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GVRD Roofing Inc. is a commercial roofing installer located in Vancouver BC. We provide high quality roofing services and repair work on many aging buildings. If you are looking for a free estimate on your roof give us a call. We will set up an appointment and have an estimate for you within 24 hours. Some estimates may take longer depending on scope of job.