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Deck construction and waterproofing in Vancouver this year is exciting and can be lots of fun.

Most people want to know what it’s going to cost, do they have a warranty, and how long is it going to take.

1) Cost:

Cost is based on size and materials used. Most decks that have a torch-on base need to installed with care and you need to hire a company that can guarantee there work. Cost of torch-on is around $5.00 a square foot but can very up or down based on stripping and installation requirements. Decking and exterior cedar construction is based on what grade the material is and the technical aspects of the job. This price can range from $4.00 a foot to as much as $30.00

2) Warranty:

Deck construction and waterproofing typically has a warranty of about 12 years. If installed professionally it can go up to 20 years. This is based on what product you use, if the company has extended warranties available threw manufacturer. Most roofing companies carry a warranty so it is always a good idea to hire one that does and has commercial liability.


3) How long does it take to install a deck:


The time it takes to have a company do deck construction and waterproofing at your home is dependent on size and what is involved. This deck we just installed took 4  weeks to install. This included complete removal of all materials, replacement of rot, installation of 3 layer torch down system, installation of commercial spun drains, siding, benches, decking, stairs, and much more.

If you are interested in working with us we would love to give you an estimate on your new dream deck.

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