Commercial roofing systems

Torch on commercial roofing systems

If you are wanting to instal a commercial roofing system on your building we can help. GVRD Roofing Inc is a Vancouver based commercial roofing contractor. Installing EPDM, torch on, torch down build up systems and TPO cold application membranes. 2021 is a great year as we are coming out of covid lockdowns and people are getting back to business. Give us a call for a free no hassle no obligation estimate of your roof.


Types of commercial roofing systems

GVRD Roofing Inc installs many types of commercial roofing systems across Metro Vancouver BC. Because we do so many commercial roofing systems every year we get great pricing that we pass on to the customer. So if you are looking for more information on commercial roofing systems  GVRD Roofing can educate you.

Commercial roofing systems

Torch on commercial roofing systems can be overtop 1 ply systems to full build up torch on systems. 1 ply torch on system would include primer coat, and a heat applied cap sheet over top. This system would come with a 5 year warranty on workmanship[. A primer 2 ply system would be torch down 180 base, and a 250 granulated cap over top of that. One of the best systems if dollars are an issue. 10 year warranty on workmanship.

Best overtop flat roofing system

The best overtop system would be a fibreglass recovery board system. The recovery board comes in 3×5 sheets and is 1/4 to 3/16. This system is installed with a plate and screw. Recovery board is designed to be torched down to so no primer needed. Base and cap can be directly applied to this system. and so we can provide a full 12 year warranty on workmanship and a 12 year warranty on products.

Full commercial roof replacements

GVRD Roofing requires all our trades to carry their own hot application insurance. $30,000.00 dollars a year is spent on insurance. Torch on crews have been with us for over a decade and are some of the most desired installers in al of Vancouver. So when we do a full commercial roof replacement you can rest assured you are covered in more than just waterproofing. 

GVRD Roofing’s commercial roof replacements include full removal of existing metal, roofing membrane, insulation, drains, plumbing fixtures, and vents. Once fully removed we install a new build up roofing system. This can be a 3 ply system all the way up to 7 layers of roofing materials.

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Commercial roofing systems