When you are looking for Laminate shingle roofing there are many different laminated roofing shingles to pick from.  Most roofs are installed with a 30 year shingle that comes with a 15 year installation warranty but there are many shingles that are many other laminate shingles that have 40 and 50 year warranties that come with 25 year installation warranties.
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When looking for a quality laminate shingle I always recommend picking a shingle that is recognized by insurance companies and have proven track records for quality and durability. We at GVRD Roofing install only the top roofing brands. CertainTeed, Malarkey, IKO, and GAF. Insurance companies know these roofing brands and this can save you if there is a problem and you need to activate a product warranty. Imagine if you install a rubber tire roof or a roofing product no one has heard of and is now leaking. It will be very hard to convince your insurance company that it was a quality roofing product that was covering your million dollar investment and most likely you wont have a claim and you could be out thousands of dollars.


GVRD Roofing installs many laminate shingle roofs in Greater Vancouver. Roofing services can range from roofing companies hiring cheap roof installers, to companies like GVRD Roofing that hire only the best installers that follow all manufacturer specification and RCABC standards. Are you looking to install Laminate shingle on your home? Roofing installers very greatly, Don’t think about what company you are going to use to install your roof think about their trades people actually doing the work. I have learn that hiring the cheapest guys vs hiring the most experienced guys usually doesn’t cost that much more. I see all the time contracting companies spending millions on the inside of there home they are building, then when it comes to the roof they go with the cheapest quote? Installing laminate shingles can be installed very cheaply and you can cut many corners. Imagine your roof is installed with out step flashing installed, maybe we don’t install valleys, or front or back pan? Do you know what any of that is, maybe not and when the roof is finished you still won’t, and this could leave you exposed to major leaking issues and will cost you thousands more later. Below is a picture of a home we just did this home had no back pan front pan or step flashing installed around the chimney.