Roofing History

The history of Asphalt roofing products.

Roofing History

Our Roofing history has come  along way from ancient times.  Over the past 100 years we have been producing roofing shingles. In 1901 we started developing roofing shingles, and by  1939 we had produced  over 11 million squares. In 1893 we produced our first asphalt prepared roofing. This was a roll out system with no, granules, and in 1897 slate granules were  added to the  surface for durability and UV protection. By 1901 we had our first cut shingles or today called 1 tab systems.

The first felt roofing materials used were cotton rag, and as cotton became more expensive other base materials were used such as jute, manila, and wood pulp. When the National bureau of Standards was developed and by  1950 self-sealing and manually applied adhesives began to be used to help prevent wind damage from lifting shingles. In 1960 fiberglass mat basses started being used and continue to today. Shingles have become more flexible, lighter, and less prone to freezing damage.

Roofing history

Roofing product failure

Though our roofing history products have got better in the past 30 years there are still issues with some products. Installing a higher quality roofing product will always assure that your roof will be protected from the elements.

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