What to think about when buying a roofing company? GVRD Roofing Inc. was incorporated in 2014. Because GVRD Roofing Inc. was built from the ground up, this companies value is going threw the roof. In 2015 GVRD Roofing had  over 1300 calls for roofing services. In 2016 GVRD Roofing is heading towards over 1500 calls for roofing services.

Why we are the fastest growing roofing company

GVRD Roofing Inc. was conceived in October 2013 and was started by Chris McEachnie, and Gordan Dumka. In late July 2014 Chris McEachnie  (Founder) bought Gordan out and took over all responsibilities. Chris McEachnie was a finishing Carpenter and spent 2010 to 2014 working for a roofing company. He saw the potential there was in this industry.

Buying a roofing company
Top BC Entrepreneurs 2014

Chris McEachnie

One month after Chris McEachnie took over GVRD Roofing he took the website from the 30th page to being number 1 in almost every search.. In late September 2014 he was hand picked to compete at BCIT for Entrepreneur of the year. With taking his company from nothing to the top searched roofing service in Vancouver he show everyone in the competition what it would take to succeed. In January 2015 they announced that Chris was one of Canada’s top 3 Entrepreneurs in 2015.

Where he came from

Chris McEachnie is a single father of 3 and looks after his 2 daughters full time. His son lives in Kelowna and pays a ton of money to very rarely get to see him. After his separation after losing his home, son, and lively hood he spent 3 years trying to re-discover himself. Chris decide to start a roofing company in 2013 with not a dime in his pocket. He bought a domain for 99 cents and start the roofing company having no vehicle, no credit, and a ton of gumption to build something great. Late 2013 and 2014 was extremely difficult. With no money and only a hope and prayer Chris drove forward.

Starting with nothing

In June 2014 Chris purchase an Astro Van for  $500.00 and then spent $500.00 on logo’s for it. He finally had transportation so he start driving around North Vancouver looking for work. 2014 GVRD Roofing made about $15000.00 and splitting it with his partner was not working. Chris spoke out and said I have to do this own my own…. He bought Gordan out and took over the Website. Chris McEachnie single handedly took the website and grew it to the number one ranked site in Vancouver. 3 months after Chris took over the company actually January 2nd 2015 the phone start to ring.

When it all start to happen

The phone rang and rang and rang, Chris answer every call and tried to manage the growth of the company. He was happy but with a vehicle that broke down in May 2015 he was overwhelmed. Imagine starting a company with nothing and in 4 months of taking it over the company got over 1200 phone calls in the first year.

With the amount of growth Chris somehow managed to service every customer professionally and give them 100% satisfaction. GVRD Roofing start to get recognized and his customers start to right reviews.

Sales and Growth

As of 2015 GVRD Roofing Inc. did over $750,000.00 in sales and as of now late November 2016 GVRD Roofing is looking at doing over a million in sales. Chris McEachnie has invest and re-invest into his company and looking into 2017 GVRD Roofing Inc. is looking to take a big part of the roofing services in Vancouver.

So when thinking about buying a roofing company, GVRD Roofing Inc. is by far the fastest growing roofing company in Vancouver BC.

Current value assessment is $2.5 million so if your looking at buying a roofing company in Vancouver BC. GVRD Roofing is one to keep an eye on.

We are growing and with over 40 trades working for us we believe the company is going to be one of the top grossing roofing contractor’s in Vancouver in the next 3 years.


Buying a roofing Company