Well it’s 2017 and living in Vancouver BC seems to be our choice for wet cold weather. What gives mother nature? Growing up on the North Shore I have seen my share of rainy days. I believe the wet weather this time of the year is normal. Having said that it sure brings people down and doesn’t lend a hand to the splendors our city offers. So patience and finding things to do inside is going to be important to your mental health.


Its now March and the rain hasn’t stop. Snow, and rain seems to be the forecast everytime  I look on my app I see rain. It would seem to me that mother nature is being cruel to all of us. Maybe the old saying goes in like a lion out like a lamb applies? There is 9 more months ahead in 2017 and my guess is that we will get some beautiful weather. I hope that is a true statement… anyway here is the predictions for this year.

12th-15th. Fair skies, gusty winds; a major storm moves inland from the Pacific by the end of this period.
16th-19th. Stormy at first, then fair weather returns.
20th-23rd. Mostly fair and chilly, then turning unsettled by the 23rd.
24th-27th. Showery at first, then fair, chilly weather returns.
28th-31st. Stormy weather spreads in from the Pacific.

APRIL 2017

1st-3rd. Fair and chilly.
4th-7th. Fair weather gives way to unsettled, showery weather.
8th-11th. Fair again, but then turning stormy.
12th-15th. Unsettled initially, then clearing.
16th-19th. Fair and pleasant for Easter, then it quickly turns unsettled.
20th-23rd. A few showers, then clearing.
24th-27th. Unsettled again.
28th-30th. Gradual clearing.

MAY 2017

1st-3rd. Pleasant, then turning unsettled.
4th-7th. Showers, then clearing skies.

This is all they are giving us at this point… Doesn’t look to great for tanning?
My feeling are do what you can in the weather we are going to get and maybe buy a pass to the pool or gym… It doesn’t look like we are going to get a whole lot of sun in the next few months.
Here at GVRD Roofing we are fully staffed and ready to work as soon as that sun shines. So please don’t hesitate to give us a call if you’re ready to replace your roof.

2017 Almanac